ays, the spirit of devouring the world should open the Federation Spirit Store. Then Ren Suo will see 西安耍耍网 if there is a live broadcast. But after “Ren Naisser”, he will probably upload a 4k high-definition movie. Source, Ren Suo is not in a hurry.
Next is the highlight, opening the World Store!
Today is the Dragon Boat Festival!
It’s a pity that I missed the Mangoskin promotion. It’s really a loss.
Ren Suo thought so. However, the promotion section that appeared in the World Store was not a Dragon Boat Festival promotion, and there was no free game this month.
Only the promotion of the game column ** Urban persona! , There is also a critical exclusive game (level 3).
Except for that day, just go to the school hospital for the students’ minor illnesses and pains.
**Urban persona! Ren Suo just glanced at the price and defeated the 4-star game, 520 merits, goodbye!
But how come there are no free games this month? Did it really miss it?
However, 西安桑拿夜网 when Ren Suo opened the Critical Exclusive Game (Level 3) column, I immediately felt that the official game console operator Neisser was as angelic as Qiao Muyi!
Given that the player is currently level 3 and will become a level 4 player, monthly free games and monthly promotional campaigns are all integrated 西安夜桑拿论坛 into the’critical exclusive game (level 3)’
. Games with less than 3 stars are not available in this column.
This column does not provide games with a maximum reward of less than 200 merits.
The number of games in this column is three.
The games in this column are free games, and only one game can be selected every month. If the player is still not promoted in the next month, you can choose to’refresh’ or’not refresh’ the game in this column.
Chapter 165 Chaotic Entry On
June 21, the summer solstice.
Ren Suo was so busy these two days that it seemed to be because Gu Yueyan’spreading rumors’ revealed that the emergency doctor in the college had no cure for everything from menstrual cramps to hair loss, and he just found many patient