d then Laura followed closely. The two crossed the rugged path, through the primitive jungle, and through the dense grass. , Across the sandy beach.

“OK, rest here tonight.” Jiang Hao said.
The two parked their motorcycles not far from a small river, found a spacious open space, Laura set up a tent, and Jiang Hao began to prepare dinner.
When he came to the river, Jiang Hao looked at the situation of the river, threw off a fishing line with a hook tied to it, and a small piece of meat hung on the hook. Jiang Hao pulled the fishing line to seduce the fish and took the bait. After a few times, the fishing line suddenly tightened.
“Ahahaha, I’m on the fish, it seems that it is not small.” Jiang Hao smiled and closed the line, and soon he pulled up a big fish, which weighed about four or five catties. Jiang Hao looked at the species and felt like a rainbow trout. Or salmon or something.
Carrying the fish 西安桑拿夜网 back, turn on the wild stove, clean up the fish next to it, the frying pan is just hot, Jiang Hao made fried fish fillets, in the wild, as long as there are conditions, try not to eat raw food, and the ingredients are best to fry them thoroughly. Bring to a boil to avoid eating parasites and causing unnecessary trouble.
Laura stood up the tent and smelled the fragrant smell. She really admired Jiang Hao for cooking. She also learned how to survive in the wild in the special forces training camp. She knew how to find food and how to eat her belly, but she followed Jiang Hao out. But there is a feeling of outing, Jon can always find the best ingredients, and then make delicious food.
After the tent was set up, Laura felt hungry in her belly and ran over quickly. Jiang Hao had already prepared the fish. The fried fish was golden on both 西安洗浴网 sides, with some sauce sprinkled on it. It smelled very fragrant, Jiang Hao handed it to Laura took a plate, and Laura quickly ate it with chopsticks.
“Well, Jon, it tastes great, 西安夜桑拿论坛 I don’t think no one can eat such delicious fried fish in the wild.” Laura did