the Haotian Demon Venerable. This person must have some incredible exercises or magic weapons. He specializes in receiving magic weapons, so he is very powerful.

They didn’t know that there was such a figure in the Conferred Gods World, named Kong Xuan. He was much more powerful than Jiang Hao. He was able to brush all the treasures of the saint, and he was much more capable than Jiang Hao. 西安夜桑拿网 .
There was a thought in everyone’s mind that if they were to fight against this vast demon in the future, they would definitely not release magic weapons at will.
how can you defeat the enemy if he doesn’t use the magic weapon?
At this moment, a female voice among the cloaked people was surprised and said: “Yes, isn’t this Big Brother Dan Chenzi?”
Chapter 1866: Famous in the world,
Ceng Ceng Ceng!
In the back, three scattered immortals flew up to the stage, and between Jiang Hao and Tang Hong, the second shopkeeper and two scattered immortals in Nancheng Fang City, one after another released their magic weapons, ready to attack.
However, because Jiang Hao had received everyone’s magic weapon before, they were very jealous. They were afraid that their magic weapon would never come back, so they were just on guard and did not dare to attack.
Jiang Hao had just turned his head over, and it really shocked everyone here.
“Shoot together, grab back our magic weapon, let’s destroy this 西安品茶网 demon together!” Tang Hong said viciously.
Losing the sacred fire cover of the dry gang, Tang Hong was heartbroken and prepared to fight Jiang Hao desperately to take back his magic weapon, and other people surrounded Jiang Hao one after another.
There were more people,
Tang Hong could miscalculate. Suddenly a dozen figures flew down from the stands and stood around Jiang Hao. These people took off their cloaks, and people were shocked when they saw it clearly.
Killing Bodhisattva, Mo Ji Chi Mei, Bone Demon Lord, Guixin Wuya, Demon Demon God, Five Evils, and others are all here. It can be said that Hao