the wooden chair, and with one hand he threw the wooden chair high, from top to bottom, and slammed it forward: “Boom!” The

wooden chair fell directly on the back of the so-called crown prince. In just one click, the noble crown prince was smashed to the ground!
Zhuang Shikai raised the chair again with one hand and pointed it at the crown prince on the ground without saying a word, and smashed it down!
At this moment, Zhuang Shikai smashed the crown prince several times in a row, and immediately smashed the crown prince to his knees, lying on the ground, bleeding from the corners of his mouth, and screaming like a grasshopper!
Seeing that the crown prince is still a little bit reluctant? His face was blue and cold, sweating, but he used his hands to support the floor, trying to get up again and again, but it was a pity that he 西安耍耍网 fell again every time, and eventually he couldn’t stand up anymore.
At the last moment, the wooden chair was smashed into pieces, and Zhuang Shikai also loosened the wooden stick, condescending him condescendingly. Shaking the hem of the suit with his hands, and dipping his cigar again, he said with a smile: “Prince? There is no high or low in the eyes of the Chinese, only the compatriots of the motherland!”
“I dare not kill you! But he can educate you for your mother. Let you remember!” At this time, Zhuang Shikai did not speak big words, boasting about killing the crown prince, and so on, but first educate the other party with actions, then put his fingers up, pointed at him and sternly warned: “That’s it! Next time I won’t Fuck you, just fuck your mother!”
“Push on the street!” Zhuang Shikai glanced across the Governor, turned slowly, took off his cigar, and exhaled a white smoke from the corner of his mouth. Drag an arc behind your back.
“Next time you see Lao Tzu, remember to call me Zhuang Uncle!” He flicked the soot, leaving a back, 西安夜桑拿论坛 and said with a smile.
“Wow!” Then, more than seventy British officials turned around and le