s falling fast in the sky, at a height of three to four hundred kilometers, not to mention his current injury, even if his body is intact, falling from this height is enough to kill him. .

at this time.
A turquoise flying sword flew out from the Jianghu Dantian position, and was held under him, and Jiang Hao’s descent speed suddenly slowed down.
Immediately afterwards, the
Qingyun sword supported Jiang Hao and fell into a wild forest in Siberia. Jiang Hao lay quietly on the moss grass, the Qingyun sword came out from under him, lying quietly beside him.
This is the benefit of the spirits offering magic weapons. Although the magic weapons have no life, they have self-consciousness and can automatically protect the master when the master is in a coma.
There were beasts around, smelling the smell of blood, and they ran over. Several wolves stopped and observed tens of meters away from Jiang Hao’s body.
Qingyun sword flew up automatically, a sword intent exuded from the sword.
The wolves immediately 西安夜生活论坛 rushed to an extremely strong danger. They were so scared that they yelled and ran away. Qingyunjian leaned back to Jiang Hao’s side again, and loyally guarded his master.
Although Jiang Hao has become a scumbag, fortunately, he has super recovery ability, and Jin Dan is still in his belly. At this moment, his body is recovering quickly, waiting to be restarted.
Chapter 1577: You angered me.
“Report that the huge meteorite that may have landed on our country suddenly disintegrated in the air. The fragments fell into the desolate areas of Russia, Siberia, Outer Mongolia, Kazakhstan and other countries without causing casualties. This alarm was lifted.” The
director of the monitoring center reported to the leadership.
“It exploded. It’s really good news. We are not sure to intercept it at all. Let’s do it now. Do you know the reason for 西安夜桑拿网 the disintegration.” The leader asked.
“It’s still unclear, but according to satellite monitoring, the meteor seems t