see her, it means that Grey Mist dare not do anything to her.” After

Qiao Xiu logged out of World Rift, he started to count. The data from this test is started.
According to the data fed back by Shiratori, the number of monsters killed by the Fuya Adventure Group totaled 5,400, of which the monsters on the third and fourth levels accounted for the majority.
From the third level, the fighting power of the monsters has the strength of the 30th level dungeon lord, and by the fourth level, it increases to the forty level.
But this is still the difficulty of cutting vegetables for full-level players. It is not until the fifth level that the average 西安夜网论坛 leveling level begins, and the sixth level begins to challenge.
“Is it time for the promotional image of the preparation activity?”
Xili received a lot of inspiration from the exploration of the consciousness space just now. Unknowingly, the caster has become a qualified painter.
“Xiri, you can start drawing, but I haven’t thought about the reward for the activity.”
This is a problem that has been plagued Qiao Xiu.
“Equipment, mount, it’s better to be the kind of mount that can’t be obtained by missing this event, and add a flying attribute! Make a luminous griffon out.” Xili is not so much for Qiao Xiu. To make a suggestion is better to say that it is implying the reward Qiao Xiu wants.
Flying mounts are indeed very rare in the current version of the world’s rifts. Alliance and tribes have only one type to exchange, and a lot 西安桑拿按摩网 of rift crystals are needed.
“These rewards are rewards that players will have after they have been brushed to a certain level. I want to set up a score ranking board, and then set up a reward that can only be received by players on the ranking board.” Qiao Xiu said.
“Vicious…” Xili commented on Qiao Xiu’s proposal from a player’s perspective.
“So the rewards should be generous.”
Qiao Xiu had already planned to do it when he made this suggestion. It is not a simple matter to capture the space of the gray mist