the main hall. At the moment in the main hall, the leader of Hehuan Hua Xiangrong was still discussing countermeasures with several elders. Seeing that Liu Xixi came back suddenly, Hua Xiang Rong asked, “Xixi, the demon head can be seen, what’s the situation?”

Liu Xixi bowed to Master Hua Xiangrong and said, “Master, I have seen the demon head, so I used the sound of the demon. ‘The formation led him over.’
Liu Xixi is extremely 西安耍耍论坛 talented, and in the entire Acacia Sect, she has the highest attainment of Heavenly Devil Voice, even surpassing Sect Master Hua Xiangrong, and can solve the enemy without knowing it.
“Can it succeed?” an elder asked.
Liu Xixi shook his head, “I have used the maximum mana, but the demon hasn’t been affected at all.”
The elders were all shocked.
With Liu Xixi’s voice of the heavenly devil, even if it was the Second Tribulation Sanxian, he would have to resist with all his strength, how could it have no effect at all?
“Then the disciple used fascination to seduce him with lust, but the vast
demon venerable was not moved at all.”
Several elders heard this and said: “Xi Xi is beautiful and beautiful, and the sound of the devil is supreme in the world. Even if the Three Tribulations Sanxian can’t be indifferent, how strong is that Haotian 西安夜生活论坛 Demon Venerable?” Hua Xiangrong said in surprise.
“I really don’t know where the Haotian Demon Venerable came from, why I have never heard of this person before.”
“I’m afraid it’s an old demon who hasn’t appeared for thousands of years.”
Liu Xixi looked at Master Flower Xiang Rong, said:
“Master, when I leave, that Haotian Demon Venerable asked me to pass on you. Tomorrow he will personally bring people to the door. If Hehuan Sect does not follow, he will not be merciful.” At
this moment, Hehuan Sect Master said in his heart. A strong sense of powerlessness arose.
According to my disciple’s statement, the demon’s strength may have reached the sky, and there are so many immortals under his men, how can the Hehuan Sect