nified front and a concentrated force.

Yang Jianhua once again preached: “The superior asked me to tell you a word, from the day the people stood up, we have waited 34 years for the unequal treaty, plus 14 years, that is, 48 ??years. We are fully dependent on the people. Based on the foundation, we can wait for such a long time.”
“If we don’t take it back in 15 years, the people will have no reason to trust us. Anyone who fails the people’s trust should go to the wild, no matter who it is! There is no other choice!”
“Hong Kong Island compatriots treat us. We can feel it, and we will remember it in our hearts.”
“But in this economic war, we must not use violent acts such as assassinations. We must fight it upright, show our national demeanor, 西安夜桑拿论坛 and tell the British that we can support Hong Kong. The island’s economy must also give citizens confidence in the future.”
Zhuang Shikai leaned on his chair and became very confident at this moment: “Don’t worry! Please also tell the leader that Zhuang Shikai has the identity of a Chinese, 西安足浴spa a businessman, and a public office. The identity of the personnel, but there is no identity of a killer!”
“Wow!” A wave of waves slapped on the shore, the stormy waves, the sea crossed, showing the heroic qualities.
This prologue will finally begin.
That day.
The meeting is over.
The next day, Zhuang Shikai called the landlord’s association and asked the landlord to count the current financial assets, and then called the Shixing Group to have the Shixing Group count the available funds.
The next day, at night.
Victoria Peak.
Party of the Patriotic Chamber of Commerce.
Zhuang Shikai held the teacup and sighed softly: “Everyone knows the specific situation, so I won’t repeat it. I will try my best to fight this economic war!”
“The more you fight, the more fierce you lose.” The charter king shook his head. , There is 西安耍耍网 no veto, but sadness has been revealed in the words.
Mr. Song is very optimistic: “You just lose money! If you don’t fight