ge to do things on their own turf! Arrogant enough!

“So you didn’t help me
Luo Ge ?” Zhuang Shikai suddenly looked back at Rose.
Rose’s expression stagnated, and she smiled helplessly: “They were still talking about business before…How can I help? People who don’t know thought I was going to swallow Luo brother’s market.”
“And Luo brother and I removed TSMC. It’s difficult to directly intervene in business cooperation with other businesses
, so it’s not easy to directly intervene.” Moreover, after the Vietnamese gang lays out their carts to support Luo Ge, then it’s not a business issue. The two gangs 西安耍耍论坛 below will have to do it.
The implications are very wide…
Zhuang Shikai has the courage, strength, and determination to make a fuss!
He poured the tea into his mouth and put the teacup on the table heavily: “Now it’s not a pure business thing!”
“Dragon Five!” Zhuang Shikai raised his head and shouted.
In the corner of the living room, a figure in a suit
took a step forward: “Big boss!” “Tie Gao Qingyuan back to me!”
Zhuang Shikai raised Da Jin Lao and took a look: “Before lunch!”
“Yes! Big boss!” Long Wu bowed and nodded, expressionless, but murderous aura appeared between his brows.
Zhuang Shikai glanced at Rose and said, “Tell him the news of Gao Qingyuan.”
Rose did not hesitate: “Okay.”
Zhuang Shikai was very satisfied with her and touched her hair and said, “Good…”
Then Long Wu left the living room to do something. , 西安品茶网 Rose made a phone call and asked people from Vietnam to provide information and sent people to help.
Fang Guohui pours tea to Uncle Zhuang again, listening to Mr. Sir Zhuang’s words and explaining the whole thing, he felt a little afraid in his heart.
“Uncle Zhuang, do you look into it again… and it’s not good to do this kind of thing?” The boy is not smooth enough, which is a bit against his personality.
Had he not been clear about Uncle Zhuang’s background and distressed his father, he would have jumped out to object.
But now th