me, you are arrogant.

Anthony is so crazy too, what do you mean? I was 西安品茶网 defeated when I watched the game on the spot. As soon as I walked away, you guys won?
My 25,000 is not as good as watching TV at home.
The total score became a 1-1 draw, but Wei and Guagua felt that they were not very happy. In the
third game, the game came to Indianapolis. All Pacers fans thought the team could turn the tide.
After all, the Pacers have not lost at home in the playoffs this season.
However, the Heat became the soldier with blood on his head. And Wade, became the one who led the charge among all the soldiers.
After waiting for so long, Wade finally broke out in the third game in Indianapolis!
In this game, Wade made 15 of 28 shots and made all 10 free throws. With a high shooting rate of 536%, he scored a terrifying 40 points.
Is the Pacers’ contraction not resolute?
No, it was Wade’s shooting that suddenly became accurate today. He hit a lot of unreasonable mid-range jumpers from outside the free throw line.
Looking at 10 of 10 free throws, you know how good Wade feels today.
No matter how low the shooting level, Wade really can not be as iron as the previous two games.
Coupled with the assistance 西安耍耍网 of Shaq and Eddie Jones, the Heat eventually won 92-86.
They won two consecutive victories against the Pacers!
At this point, the entire public opinion environment has been completely reversed.
A few days ago, everyone said that the Pacers would advance strongly.
And now, everyone thinks that Shaq and his brother Wei can make the finals.
No way, competitive sports is like this.
What people tout is always a winner.
After this game, Di Wei can be said to be very arrogant.
“We will return to Miami with the match point!” In an interview with reporters, brother Wei said impassionedly.
Shaq on the side panicked when he heard it: “Brother, you must speak with a sense of measure, otherwise it is easy to get slapped in the face!”
Well, Shaq does not deceive Wei.
Because in the second