rtial arts? (狗头) If you need to join the national monk system, I can recommend it, and if you want money, I can give it! (Sand sculpture giant panda) Actually, isn’t that? Awakening spell? (dog head)”

Xiao Suo: “It is not an awakening spell, nor can I teach you.”
Zhao Huo@全ほしい: “Why? (Sand Sculpture Giant Panda)”
Xiao Suo: “I am a martial arts lover, that is If the spells I researched on my own were taught to bad guys, then I made a mistake.”
Zhao Huo@全ほしい: “I’m not a bad guy! (dog head)”
Xiao Suo: “Why? Is it because you often publish love packages so you Isn’t it a bad person?”
Zhao Huo@全ほしい: “So what do you want?”
Xiao Suo: “I think your circle of friends is all two-dimensional, and it doesn’t look like a good person.”
Zhao Huo@全ほしい: ” You are ancient discrimination! (Blood spurting)”
Xiaosuo: “Oh? Then the picture in your circle of friends is 西安夜桑拿论坛 equipped with a blonde and big breasted female character plus the statement of’awsl’. Isn’t it disgusting?”
Zhao Huo@全ほしい: “That character is a secretary, from a very nice animation! Call it right, doesn’t it sound interesting?”
Xiaosuo: ” It’s interesting , I’ll go check it out.”
Half an hour later.
Xiao Suo: “Wow, the secretary is really cute!”
Zhao Huo@全ほしい: “Yes, yes!”
Next is the story of an ignorant martial arts girl being seduced by a second-generation otaku.
According to the “Strategy of Zhao Huo”, this is the way to allow strangers to grow their relationship with Zhao Huo at the fastest speed-let Zhao Huo immerse himself in the joy of Amway’s love of works.
Ren Suo disconnected from the avatar’s spiritual link, allowing him to continue sweeping the floor while doing housework, while pretending to be an ignorant girl to accompany 西安夜桑拿网 Zhao Huo to chat – just like in junior high school pretending to be an innocent female netizen to join the QQ online dating at the same table.
Then Ren Suo returned to the bedroom and continued to write the document-“Guyuey