infiltration of the gods will spread to the upper echelons of the empire—— I just didn’t expect that the first person to be polluted and completely unnoticed at the beginning would be you, someone who has been consciously alienating from the church many years ago. In this respect, I underestimated the gods. The ability of the will to penetrate the minds of mortals, but on the other hand, we have now further determined the law of penetration and spread of’pollution’, and determined the range of people affected. These are very meaningful.”

Rosetta said very much. Indifferent, and Pei Dinan quickly heard another meaning from the attitude and words of the imperial ruler——
The emperor was indeed surprised, but it was only the “details” that surprised him. As for the direction of the whole thing, it seems that until now, he still has not deviated from his judgment.
Does this include this war?
“Your Majesty,” Per Dinant whispered after a few seconds of 西安洗浴网 silence, “What are we going to do next?”
“War has broken out,” Rosetta said as if talking to herself, his sight did not fall on Per Dinan, “The empire should enter a state of emergency.”
“Are you going to activate 西安品茶网 the emperor’s supreme ruling power?”
“Ten years ago, we tried to change this country to a new situation. We did it, and also Indeed, I did many feats that I didn’t even think about, but now looking back, we still have a lot of things to do,” Rosetta said calmly, “Some people who shouldn’t survive are alive, and some don’t. Don’t you think it’s a pity that the things that should be preserved are still there?”
“It’s a pity,” said Perdinand Wendell. “It seems that we can finish what we didn’t do in the past – but there is one more thing. Your Majesty, we are at a full-scale war with the Cecils.”
“It is the crazy god who is at war with Cecil,” Rosetta looked into Perdinan’s eyes, “The gods that are out of control are the common enemy of all mankind-this Once, we were actually on the same side as the Cecilians.”