th were already bloodied.

Jiang Hao was injured, it was an internal injury.
Although he has already done the strongest protection, using the magical power of King Kong and spiritual protection, 西安桑拿夜网 but Moen is also a super-powerful offensive superpower. His shock wave attack power is very strong, and his internal organs are impacted. Jiang Hao was inevitably injured.
And Moen on the stage was also very embarrassed at the moment, his chest was marked with a hole more than 20 centimeters, although he did 西安品茶网 not hurt his body, but a big hole was torn in his clothes.
Mo En looked down at the hole in his clothes, shocked and angry in his heart. He didn’t expect this little guy to have such a strong offensive power. The dagger just now made him feel a slight threat of death.
He was very angry at the moment. A student, still a freshman, challenged his authority in such a way and breached his defenses, making him ashamed in front of so many people, and Jiang Hao became more angry as he watched.
Mo En looked at Jiang Hao in the audience and said in a disdainful tone: “Is this your ability? You may think you are very strong, right? I tell you, I have seen a lot of practitioners like you, and thought that I worked hard. That’s all right, but I’m going to tell you that your achievements will probably end here.”
“In the world of supernatural 西安洗浴网 beings, hard work is not the standard. Talent is the most important thing. Only talented people can achieve higher achievements in the future. , And your martial arts has already touched the ceiling, and it will be difficult to achieve higher achievements in the future. This is my judgment, so if you are willing to stay, go to the assistant class obediently.”
Mo En said sternly.
Jiang Hao took a deep breath, stood up slowly and looked at Mo En and said, “Then how do you think I can be qualified to enter the hero class and defeat you?”
Mo En was silent for a moment, and did not answer this question for the first time, because just now Jiang Hao stabbed him with