and 100,000 snowflake silver from the prefects in three years. Although we did not earn 100,000, we still have 3 to 50,000.”

Right 西安足浴spa now. The door opened, and a charming woman walked in with a basin, steaming, “Master, wash your feet.” The
county magistrate Wang hurriedly tucked the banknote back into her sleeve, waved to the concubine, and waited for the concubine to come over. Hugging, reaching into her arms, grasping and touching it, the little concubine smiled and twisted her body, “Master is in such a good mood
today. When the washing is finished, the master can play around at will.” “Master is happy today. Clean together after finishing .” I want to pick up my concubine’s clothes.
At this moment, the little concubine’s eyes suddenly widened and she yelled in horror.
“Ah, ghost!”
The scream frightened Wang County magistrate. He turned his head and saw that there was a green face and fangs in the room, with a green grimace on his body, his face was 西安夜桑拿网 terrifying and terrifying.
The magistrate Wang also yelled, louder than that of the little concubine.
Then he snapped devils shouted, “Wang Teng of, you harm me unjustly, today DEATH find 西安耍耍网 you, I will devour your soul, you pull down hell!”
“Ah ~ ~ ~ ~!”
Two The scream resounded from the back house of the county government office.
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Chapter 1433: Where did the land god go?
The evil spirit was glowing green all over, with blue face and fangs, and looked terrifying. The magistrate Wang and the little concubine only looked at the evil spirit, they had already been scared for half their lives, and they couldn’t help screaming.
“Guardian, I’m here to claim your life today!”
Zhu Guang rushed forward. The magistrate Wang yelled in fright and pushed her concubine out of her arms. The woman staggered towards the evil spirit, her face full of fright and fright. I couldn’t help screaming, “No, my lord, help me, don’t kill me!”