Taoism can welcome gods, and many people here have directly become devout Taoists.

Jiang Hao woke up at this time, waved the peach-wood sword in his hand, and said loudly: “The mountain is named Dingyang Mountain, and the Dingyang View is established to match the Sanqing Palace, Qin Guan Emperor Palace, and Tianshi True Monarch Palace.
Licheng .” As Jiang Hao’s voice fell, the golden light that enveloped the’Dingyang Mountain’ slowly converged, and finally closed at the top of the mountain. Jiang Hao was surprised to find that it was the location of his original Dharma Talisman’s acupuncture point, and 西安夜桑拿论坛 then the golden light disappeared. , As if drilling into the hill.
Seeing this scene,
Jiang Hao felt even more shocked. He couldn’t help screaming. This shouldn’t be a coincidence. The golden light finally gathered at the vein of 西安夜网论坛this mountain. Now if it is a coincidence, it is a natural phenomenon. Jiang Hao feels too ridiculous. , It might as well believe that there are gods.
Looking up at the sky that was gloomy again, Jiang Hao suddenly thought of what he said that day. He raised his head three feet up and there was a god, could it really be there?
Jiang Hao was shocked, and the others were even more shocked than Jiang Hao.
Many people think this is a miracle, it’s proper, not negotiable!
The refugees who kneeled on the ground thought it was God who was taking care of them. The people of Peixian who were watching outside almost all donated money. Many people thought that the money they donated before might be less, and they will go to Lu’s house when they go back. Continue to donate money to contribute to Sanqing Guan, this is also to pray for yourself again.西安品茶网
At this time, the eyes of these people looking at Jiang Hao became more and more admired.
The real gods don’t know what they are, anyway, Jiang Hao is already a god in their minds.
At the end of the sacrifice, everyone dispersed.
The foremen led the refugees to start work. According to Jiang Hao’s plan, first build a