ctor, Sir Liao Sir, the senior customs inspector, narrowed his eyes and showed a cruel expression: “I have finished the fight just now before I know the origin of the other party! Then it would be too late to stop!”

“We can only Don’t do it and don’t stop! Successfully stab the drug-making dens! Only then can the director protect us!”
“So, this action must be successful!” 西安耍耍论坛 The
customs inspector’s voice was very low.
“Yeah.” The sheriff stood by and nodded slightly.
Soon another police officer asked, “What should I do afterwards?”
Even if they succeeded in destroying the drug manufacturing den.
As long as undercover police officers file a complaint with the police force, they may also be able to escape the police force’s retaliation.
Such retaliation is not necessarily explicit, but may also be private.
The customs inspector raised his palm and placed it on his neck, making a sharp stroke.
Everything goes without saying.
Put the undercover police officer among the criminals to kill!
This can be treated as an unknowing action, and killing the undercover is only manslaughter.
The impact of manslaughter is much smaller.
As long as the operation is done well, the police will not retaliate privately. It is very likely that they will only denounce it face-to-face.
Of course, all of these 西安耍耍网 prerequisites are the successful destruction of drug production dens, and there is a great contribution to support. And he had to be cruel, so cruel to make the living shut up.
“Hi!” The customs officer took a deep breath.
“Da da da.” Guan Li was walking to the kitchen door, knocking gently on the door with his hand.
The atmosphere of the entire team of customs officers was somewhat depressed, and the lame master once again leaned on his knees and limped towards the door.
“Things you dare not.”
“I’ll do it!” the customs inspector whispered.
“Why are you back again?” The
lame master asked aloud.
Guan Li lowered his head and explained: “The buyer asked for more goods.”