d started to think about it, Gawain’s voice suddenly came from nearby, which shocked her and started to lose her mind a little. Melita Penia was taken aback: “I can go there.”

Gawain said, his eyes fell on the lady agent in front of him.
Melita was stunned for a moment. She probably didn’t expect that Gawain would actually agree to the invitation from Tarrond after such a lot of thought. After a few seconds, she reacted and confirmed with some uncertainty: “Have you thought about it?”
“Think about it. In fact, I am also very interested in Tarrond,” Gawain nodded, but then the conversation changed. “But I can’t go yet.
“西安夜网论坛 Do you need to prepare?” Merita was not surprised, “Of course it’s okay, I understand your identity and responsibilities-if you want to leave for a while, you really need to make arrangements.”
Gao Wen said: “I really need to prepare, and now I have one very important thing that I must personally supervise, at least until the dust settles before I can leave.”
Melita showed a hint of curiosity: “Important thing?”
Gao Wen glanced at the agent lady, and a smile appeared on his face: “It seems that you have only recently returned to the human world, otherwise you will hear some wind, and it is not difficult to guess what I am talking about.”
“Ah, I really only returned to Lorenland today-I came to you without even staying,” Melita smiled faintly, “It looks like I missed something?”
Gawain nodded: “The goddess of magic has fallen. Now, I want to personally supervise a very important funeral.”
Melita: “”
The lady agent solidified there like petrification, and the smile on her face 西安夜桑拿网remained still. At this time, Amber who was next to her seized the opportunity and couldn’t help but watch Gao Wen exclaimed: “You are really going to the kingdom of the giant dragon. !?”
“It is necessary to go,” Gawain looked at her with a faint smile, “In a sense, this may be the biggest’diplomatic progress’ since the establishment of the Cecil Empire-we will be with the Dragons. A certa