ments, and suddenly shouted into the sky: “Senior Xuanji, Xuanzhen, the test is over, please help to accept this evil god!”

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Chapter 1525: National Teacher

Jiang Hao just finished shouting, two figures broke through the protective cover, and flew down from the sky. One was also dressed as a Taoist priest, with white hair and a gray robe, and his eyes were condescending at the five-powered god.
The Wutongshen was shocked, these two veteran feet stepped on the white clouds, and they looked like the golden core powerhouses. Before this, the city gods 西安夜生活论坛 were already very difficult, and now there are two more powerful ones.
Wutongshen made a decisive decision, and read a mantra in his mouth, “Kiduo you, Agaro, Mizuzhu, Pangjieluoye, and Jiechi!”
I saw his body quickly transformed into a golden ball of light. Suddenly flew up and slammed into the protective formation. Xuan Ji looked at the old way and immediately said: “You can even use the Buddhist body and mind to escape, huh, you can’t run!”
As the old man spoke, he flicked the whisk, and the whisk shot out thousands of white light, wrapped around the flying golden ball of light, and then suddenly collected it.
The strength of the five-pass gods is not compatible, the golden ball of light is constantly struggling, and the pull of the dust is creaking. Xuanzhen’s old-fashioned look, shaking his hand and throwing a bronze mirror, the 西安桑拿按摩网 bronze mirror suddenly changes in mid-air. After that, a white light was shot out, covering the five-powered god in the white light, and the five-powered god was immediately frozen.
Seeing that he couldn’t escape, the five-pointed spirit showed its prototype and once again became a giant diamond man. He kept pulling the white silk with his big hands, but the white silk was so tough that it couldn’t be withdrawn at all, and tightened more and more.
The two Jindan cultivators joined forces, and the five-way gods had no power to escape.
“Pure Jun Sword!”
Jiang Hao