e elevator. Dad Ren stood still and wanted to stay to listen. Ren’s mother waved to him: “Go down, women chat, are you keeping here in the way? You old guy stayed beside, and the little girls are embarrassed to talk. .”

Ren Ma tyranny.
Ren Suo only hoped that Dong Chengling would never learn a little bit of skills from his mother. He didn’t want to repeat the tragedy of the previous generation.
Ren Suo didn’t know what Ren Ma and Dong Chengling had talked about. He only knew that after his 西安夜网论坛 mother came back, she just said “drive home” and didn’t say anything.
When she got home, Ren’s mother suddenly called Ren Suo: “You smash, stand up straight, don’t move.”
she got Ren Suo touched his face, waved his hand with his sister, and signaled that he was okay. He looked at his mother looking down at her red palm, with a trace of regret of’slapped her son’ on her face –
“Your face is so hard, mom’s palm hurts so much.”
Ren Suo tugged. At the corner of the mouth, help my mother treat her palm.
What kind of world, I was slapped in the slap, and the other party was slapped in pain, and he had to help treat him, but the other party was your mother.
Ren Suo helplessly said: “Why hit me suddenly.”
“If I don’t hit you, my conscience won’t go. You don’t know if I hit you. When I come back, my conscience has been
hurting. 西安洗浴网 ” “Your conscience hurts. It’s useful to hit me.” “Is it
useful ? It feels much more comfortable. It offsets part of the sin of giving birth to you as a bastard.” Madam Ren looked at Ren Suo and said seriously: “I have said everything I should say. I just hope that this is the only beating you have been beaten.”
True, generally parents are “beating your body hurts in my heart”, Ren Ma is very honest, “beating your face is cool in my heart”.
“I see.” Ren Suo replied with a complicated expression.
Ren Ma sighed and walked into the bedroom with her head downcast with a gloomy look.
Father Ren patted Ren Suo on the shoulder and walked into the bedroom to see his wif