ect, the supervision system is perfect, and some guys can be cleaned out!

Zhu Tiandao smiled and was in a good mood.
Clean up some guys, then it will be easier.
And Su Yu’s casting might be an opportunity.
Chapter 292: True or False, and Fake is also true (see monthly pass subscription) The
super induction jade is released, Su Yu does not know.
It wasn’t until the night of the 21st that he finished extracting the 西安耍耍论坛 essence and blood. After coming out of the training room, Su Yu was already dizzy.
Swallowing essence and blood, using the casting method, is to keep oneself in an explosive period.
Even if he was full of energy and broke out for a few days, Su Yu was a little sluggish.
As soon as she left the training room, Wu Lan shouted: “Su Yu, Chief Niu asked you to leave the barrier to find him!”
Chief Niu is looking for herself?
What are you doing?
With doubts, even though Su Yu was extremely sleepy, he walked out of the institute.
Yuexin Island.
Su Yu rode the big tortoise again, crossed the lake, and entered the island.
When he first came to the island, he knew why the governor was looking for himself.
Three-headed demon!
At this moment, the three one-eyed people quickly appeared, and the three great demons all stood in 西安夜生活论坛 front of him, staring at him with a bit of resentment.
so scared!
In this ghost place, Chief Niu and Zhu Tiandao seem to be torturing people these days, screaming constantly, which is terrible.
Hell on earth!
“Three Seniors”
Su Yu was a little embarrassed and forgot these three.
Sorry sorry!
“I have just encountered important research to deal with these few days. I won’t come to pick up a few seniors right away, and help them clean up the dust.”
“No!” The one
-eyed voice is faint. At this moment, his third eye is closed tightly. All black pupils, without Bairen, look a little scary.
“Su Yu, your ancestor Hong Tan and you both agreed to us. After the matter is successful, is it still worthwhile to let us return to the batt