I don’t know if they are going in the wrong direction.”

“No, we saw a large bonfire yesterday. It seems that a lot of people escaped from the 109 barrier. They should be with the fleeing troops.” Yang Xiaojin said.
193. Parting
“I have a question,” Ren Xiaosu suddenly asked: “Have you really discovered Qingzhen’s nuclear test base?”
Yang Xiaojin looked at him: “No, I’m just cheating Qingzhen. Several high-energy physics research experts have been in contact, and those high-energy physics experts soon disappeared, together with their family members. However, the Qing’s consortium has never conducted research in the relevant direction, so we suspect that this is Qingzhen’s For private actions, he must have a secret base of his own.”
“Isn’t he a 西安洗浴网 member of the Qing family, why should he guard his home and establish his own independent base?” Ren Xiaosu was puzzled.
“Because he knows very well,” Yang Xiaojin explained: “In the past hundred years, almost no one of the more than a dozen shadows of the Qing clan can start and end. After all, the shadows are just shadows.”
“Ao,” Ren Xiaosu nodded, then Qingzheng Is it self-protection?
Yang Xiaojin said: “After that, we’d better explain that Xu Xianchu rescued the two of us. Otherwise, your ability will be easily exposed. This time I am very serious to advise you not to let others know that you have the ability to replicate others. It’s too dangerous to let others know about this thing.”
Ren Xiaosu was stunned: “Wait, you thugs all know that Xu Xianchu is no longer in the 109 barrier, how can this be rounded?”
Yang Xiaojin paused and said, 西安耍耍网 “That’s what I lied to you.”
“Hehe” In fact, Ren Xiaosu has many unsolved questions in his heart, and he is asking Yang Xiaojin to verify: “Is Lu Yuan also a thug? I see you covering before. He is here.”
“He is not a mob,” Yang Xiaojin 西安夜桑拿论坛 said: “He is a member of the Yang family. The Yang family has always been developing nanotechnology like the Li family because they firmly believe tha