guarantee the safety of your course, you can remain silent, since then is one of us. “.

Next, It is foreseeable that the Burning Knight will investigate everyone present in order to track down the murderer.
Qian Weining immediately understood what Ren Xiaosu’s so-called nomination was. He didn’t need to kill anyone, nor did he need to do anything. He only needed to keep silent now, and he would never be able to return to the Burning Knights in the future.
Because the Burning Knights will not accommodate him as a tainted knight.
After this incident, regardless of whether Qian Weining was loyal or not, he couldn’t go back.
Chapter 5, good night everyone
1182, different happiness The
Berkeley 西安耍耍网 family seems to have prepared everything for today’s memorial ceremony. When the head of the family ordered the search for the murderer, there were immediately established members of the Burning Knights outside the crowd. Surround yourself.
The soldiers armed with spears were actually divided into hundreds of teams and blocked all the intersections near the cathedral.
There were tens of thousands of people who came to participate in the memorial ceremony. This scale is extremely large, and the long red queues have even spread across several streets.
People shrugged their shoulders on the street, some hurriedly watching the knights surrounded by horses.
Surprisingly, the Burning Knights who surrounded them even brought a large number of urban household registration officials.
They set up exits on both sides of the east and 西安夜网论坛 west, and all other places were surrounded, and they were not allowed to enter or leave.
And every citizen who leaves from the east and west must pass the examination of the household registration officer.
Although the wizarding kingdom is backward in 西安洗浴网 science and technology, the household registration system was very strict even in the ancient times before the catastrophe. This is the basis for a backward system to manage the people.
For example, when a caravan goes