e is called Haunted Baby. Obviously all the horrors have something to do with children.” Zuo Han Looking at the closed door: “We’d better not touch his task, because his children are also children.”

“Well, when he described his children, he thought about it for a long time, and there was a pause in the middle. I doubt it. The child he described is not his child at all.” Teacher Wang said casually: “西安桑拿夜网The name Wu Nan is probably made up. From the most malicious point of view, the man and the ghost in the house are in the same gang. We must feed us to ghosts.”
Teacher Wang and Zuo Han share the same view. The two of them were analyzing seriously and did not shy away from other tourists.
Hearing the voices of their discussion, Fu Bole was even more sure of his guess that the three so-called Hanjiang Forensic Medicine should be the actors in the haunted house, and they have been actively cooperating with the actors in the haunted house.
“Let’s do it, see when you can do it.” Fu Bole said suddenly, and he smiled disdainfully, frightening Sun Xiaojun next to him.
“We have seen the strength of this haunted house just now. Next, let’s check the rooms one by one. Don’t have any worries.” Wei Chaochao was a little disappointed. At first, he 西安夜桑拿网 was very curious about Chen Ge’s haunted house. The scary methods are very ordinary, no different from the haunted houses on the market: “Everyone speed up the customs clearance, I will catch the plane in the afternoon.” The
speechless town is very big, and the designers of the haunted houses opened three doors in a row, and there was still nothing. Found that they gradually relaxed.
“What does this haunted house mean? It’s all empty rooms? There are no scary props or actors in it. , Just as if the scene hasn’t been perfected yet.” Liang San also began to complain. He felt that it was worthless to go to Hanjiang to play this haunted house.
The few people were paying less and more attention to their surroundings, but Zuo Han and Heshan were highly nervous: “You