it’s definitely not so rough!

Sure enough, the spirit is the spirit, but in fact it is still slightly clumsy!
Su Yu
, the lord of beanbags, cooking cakes, hair balls, book spirits, and undead can be considered to have discovered that spirits, in fact, do not have that high wisdom. In this world, talents are even more terrifying.
Everything seems reasonable, but you can observe it carefully. There are really many loopholes.
However, it is actually enough to deal with ordinary people.
Those who have never thought about this issue will not think deeply about it. When they think about it, they will feel that there are loopholes everywhere.
Su Yu quickly left Xiaojie.
After a while, he appeared in the human environment.
The King of 西安品茶网 People saw him passing by, and they didn’t say hello. They didn’t bother this guy when they saw him. This guy is too young and likes to run around. At this time, they are really not afraid of being besieged and killed. Everyone is too late. Go to the rescue.
“Zhou Tian, ??come out!” The
Great Zhou King was cultivating. He went out to kill a casual cultivator two days ago. He was still absorbing the power of the Great Dao. He was shouted by Su Yu, almost distracted, and walked out of the closed room, looking towards Su Yu, with some helplessness.
You are really welcome!
From Da Zhou Wang, it has become Zhou Tian.
“Your Majesty”
Su Yu glanced at him and touched his chin: “Only 18 powers, a little weak!” The
King of Zhou is speechless, I am not you, I am not as powerful as you.
“I’m going to kill your ancestor!” The
Great 西安夜桑拿论坛 Zhou King originally hoped that Su Yu would cooperate with Human Ancestor, but now, Su Yu is obviously fighting against Human Ancestor, Su Yu also came to ask him what he thinks.
The King of Zhou was silent for a while, and said: “I have lived here for hundreds of thousands of years. I have been in contact with that person several times, but I still have a tendency. Is your majesty looking for me just to say this?”