ntil the end, the person walking in front did not realize that he was still following a person thirty centimeters behind him.”

“The staff of this haunted house are really ruthless.” Zhang Huang visited the haunted house for the first time. Just listening to Wang Yan’s description has already begun to have a guilty conscience.
“Li Xu and the male anchor should have gone to the left. The haunted house actors on the left are now attracted by Li Xu and others, so the road should be safe.” Wang Yan walked to the left alone.
After Wang Yan left, the hospital hall became even more terrifying. The case list on the ground was blown by the cloudy wind and rustled against the ground. This was simply a torture for other tourists entering the haunted house for the first time.
“Wait for me.” Wang Yan’s girlfriend and Zhang Huang also entered the left corridor. 西安耍耍论坛
Obviously no one touched, but the doors of the wards on both sides would make their own noises, and there might be some monsters hidden in the dark rooms.
Cautiously, the three of Wang Yan walked very slowly, and they were almost squeezing together.
“This seems to be just a very ordinary hospital room, but it’s a little shabby, and it looks like it hasn’t been inhabited for a long time.” The layout of the hospital room is very real, almost almost everyone ignores that this is a haunted house setting.
“Be careful. The actors in the haunted house here are all professionally trained. They can quietly follow behind the tourists. There are various scary methods, and they will be recruited at any time.”
Danger may come from all aspects, except for Wang Yan and others. Be careful of those wards with half-open doors, and be careful of cracking 西安夜生活论坛 the walls and floors, even the top of your head.
The nerves are tense, if someone yells at this time, it is estimated that they will be scared enough to scare a few people.
They just walked for more 西安桑拿夜网 than a minute in the corridor just ten meters away. When they came to the corner of the stairs, they found t