omy, he blocked the only exit, as if he was the incarnation of despair.

Ma Ying didn’t have much strength anymore, she slowed down, her eyes lost their color, and she looked helplessly at the end of the passage.
Compared to the guy holding the murder weapon in the front, it was obvious that the weird guys in the back bouncing on the ground were better bullied.
She did not dare to move forward, her legs were weak, and the more frightened, the less powerful she was.
“What to do?” Ma Ying was soliciting Liu Xian’s opinion, and now she can only rely on Liu Xianxian.
“The underground corpse transportation channel is complicated and connects to the various 西安足浴spa laboratory buildings of the West Campus. Let’s run back now. If we are lucky, we may run out, but the greater probability is to be trapped in the underground channel.” Liu Xianxian bit her lip and made a second decision: “There is another option for us to rush forward. If that man does something to you, you will throw me down. I will try my best to entangle him, and then you Run quickly, and look for the teacher and security guard after you go out.”
“I have a broken foot, I can’t run at all, or both of us will die here!” Liu Xianxian’s mind flashed various young girls in the season. The news reports in the hands of the bad guys burst into tears.
“Dead here” Ma Ying thought of the paintings she saw in the cabinet. The scenes in the paintings made her feel scared and inexplicably fearful.
Nodding gently, Ma Ying made this difficult decision: “I will rush out as quickly as possible, and then find someone to rescue you.”
“I’ll wait for you.” After the
two discussed, the monster chasing behind was already very close to them.
At this time, the man blocking in front seemed to have noticed them 西安洗浴网 too, and the half-meter-long murder weapon lightly waved, and the man walked towards them.
The smell of blood spread in the underground passage, and a red figure could be vaguely seen next to the person, one after the other, which brought gr