took off his uniform and put on casual clothes, and walked out of the security booth with a smile: “The young man is very angry. Today, because of a little incident, he I have just been trained, and

I am not in a good mood.” “I am in a good mood, Pharaoh, you can get off work as soon as possible, just leave it to me.” The young security guard said impatiently.
“Leave it to you, I’m afraid you will have to be trained tomorrow. Your kid really doesn’t remember to eat or not. Every time you talk to people, 西安夜生活论坛 you are so aggressive.” Old Wang shook his head and sighed, “How many times have I told you, we are Security guard. Nod more and talk less. No matter what people say is right or wrong, don’t just make any comments.”
“It’s okay, I really appreciate his character, upright and non-pretentious.” Chen Ge hurriedly said, he is true. I think this young security guard is very interesting: “How do you call this person?”
“Gu Feiyu, you can just call him Gu Feiyu. Our night guard is brave and very nice, but he can’t speak his mind.” It can be seen that Lao Wang is actually very protective of Gu Feiyu.
“Night shift security? Do you have to patrol the community at night?” Chen Ge’s attention was not on Gu Feiyu at all, and he slowly led the topic to other areas.
“Our security must protect the owner’s safety 24 hours a day.” Lao Wang patted 西安夜桑拿网 the ashes on his pants: “By the way, did you just want to find someone? Give me your name. I have been here for ten. Most of the residents knew each other in the year.”
“I don’t know the name, but I have a picture of her here.” Chen Ge clicked on the picture and handed over his mobile phone.
“It’s better if you have a photo.” Old Wang took the phone and looked down. The moment his gaze moved to the screen, his face was completely bloodless, and he almost dropped Chen Ge’s phone to the ground.
“Do you know her?” Chen Ge took a step forward.
Lao Wang stuffed the phone to Chen Ge, it seemed that it was a hot potato.
“This woman is very important. She involves