g. What is the purpose of the people? What is the strength, and it is not clear for the time being.”

“Senior told me this”
The Necromancer didn’t say anything, just casually, and indifferently dropped a sentence: “I 西安耍耍论坛 want to start life and death, perfect life and death, just to devour the river with more confidence!”
He just told Su Yu that you want to kill the ancestor. , Help me rebirth from Nirvana, perfect my life and death avenue, then I will be more confident to swallow the river.
But there is only one long river. When I say these things, you are also a heaven opener, so you are not moved?
Have you ever thought about swallowing this world of ten thousand worlds?
Turn into your own world!
Opening three doors is a chance and an opportunity!
But Su Yu didn’t care too much, just smiled: “Each has its own opportunities. I rarely miss other people’s opportunities, but I don’t necessarily have my own opportunities. Seniors don’t have to worry too much about my chances of robbing you. What’s more, maybe Seniors are not that easy to get either.” The 西安夜网论坛
Necromancer was speechless.
And just here, the world trembled, and the place arrived.
At this moment, all around the Yongsheng Mountain, a forbidden area emerged, wrapping the Yongsheng Mountain.
Su Yu glanced over, there were still a lot of forbidden areas.
As far as he knew, there were Dragon Domain, Sword Domain, God Domain, Everlasting Heaven, Martial Domain, Heavenly Qiong Mountain, Ten Thousand Beast Mountain, all
large and small forbidden places, all arrived at this moment.
Some exude a powerful aura, some are calm and waveless, and some are not bright in the forbidden area.
Su Yu looked at the forbidden grounds and thought of what King Wen and the others had said before. The forbidden grounds were created because the forbidden grounds can travel through the Tianmen, and when the Tianmen is opened, they can pass through 西安夜桑拿论坛 the past intact.
Therefore, no one can create a forbidden area.
Some 30 or 31 powerh