feel right! Why is this village gloomy?” Chen Ge stopped and did not continue to move forward. He opened the zipper of the backpack and exposed the handle of the Skull Smasher.

“The doors of many houses are covered with ashes. There should be many empty houses in this village. It is estimated that there are very few people living here.” Lock, the lock was hung outside the door: “There are people in the house, and the lock will definitely not hang outside the door. What happened in this village?”
He 西安耍耍论坛 slowly backed away, preparing to leave the village first, the two in his pocket Both mobile phones vibrated at the same time.
“What’s going on?”
Chen Ge first took out his black phone and took a look. The prompt message on the screen showed that the completion of the trial task in the third ward had increased to 87%.
“It seems that another patient has fallen.”
Then he turned on his cell phone again and found that it was the phone of Team Li.
“Uncle Sanbao, I thought you blacked me out and scared me.”
“There is a task tonight, all the mobile phones of the participants are turned off.” Although Team Li’s voice was tired, he could hear that he was in a good mood: “Good news for you, the patient Xiong Qingluo in Room 8 of the third ward

“Have you caught Xiong Qing?!” “You should feel fortunate that this guy has been wandering around New Century Paradise many times in the past few days.
I think I have thoughts about you.” “Where is the other person? Can I see him?”
“In the rescue, the 西安夜桑拿网 lunatic attacked several police officers. He was shot in the shoulder and thigh by the criminal investigation team of the city branch. He was in a coma.”
“Uncle Li, it is a good thing to catch the prisoner, but you should also pay attention. After all, it is safest. One.”
“Stop talking nonsense with me, what are you looking for?” Team Li knows Chen Ge too well. Once Chen Ge starts talking softly, there is definitely something going on.
“I’ll just say it straight. Six months ago, there was a poisonin