ch a large-scale battle in the late sun and moon breaks out, it will inevitably trigger invincible interference.

This is not what they want to see.
It’s best if you can buy it for money.
This time, almost every big clan has two sun and moon coming, usually in the late sun and moon, otherwise, it will be difficult to keep it if you buy it. Come to a late sun and moon, not the top strong of the sun and moon, that is The super powerhouse of Sunyue Jiuzhong.
All major races attach great importance to this matter.
Of course, the races are not too many, they are all strong races, and there are few weak races that can’t be obtained.
Today is not the top ten big clans, the mysterious ancient clans, or the five 西安足浴spa element clans, a race that is united with incomparable strength.
Few of the top 100 races came.
On the contrary, the nine major races of Jiuxing Island, representing the Thousand Domain Alliance, have come to nine Sun-Moon realms. Because the base camp is here, there is no need to travel long distances. There are strong people in the clan who can come to help at any time. These nine families are also here. .
Dragon tribe, fairy tribe, god tribe, demons, human tribe, five elements tribe, Tianyuan tribe,
some well-known strong tribes have arrived.
Today’s ancient city is even more dangerous than the last time in Tianmucheng. Last time there were only a few late sun and moon stages. Today, there are more than 20 late sun and moon stages!
Of course, under such circumstances, even if Su Yu caused changes in the ancient city, it would 西安夜生活论坛 be difficult to kill these people.
So Su Yu’s purpose is not to kill.
Can’t kill it!
This time, there are even people on the Proving Dao list. It is terrible. Su Yu knows that it is the ancient mountain that I met on the road last time, the strong of the Primordial Giants, and the strong one on the Proving Dao list. This is probably the first one. The coming sermon list is strong.
When such a powerful person arrives, the city lord of this ancient