ken by the Lord of Chaos, but I don’t have it. I found out that since the other party dared to trade, I also considered whether I would find out. Maybe it was some powerful guys, such as the human ancestor who opened the door and directly transferred the treasure?”

Human ancestor!
Su Yu said at this moment: “According to the law, Renzu may not be willing to serve for Renmen now! It may be due to poor strength or other reasons for Renmen to serve, but at this moment, 西安耍耍论坛 he may not be willing!”
The emperor nodded: “There is such 西安桑拿按摩网 a possibility! Now that I have talked about this, and also talked about the
Ten Thousand Dao Stone, then I will tell you about the current situation of the Earth Gate !” “The Earth Gate was opened in the past , and the battle with the Kaitian era has caused heavy losses. , A large number of ancient chaotic ancient beasts died in the ground gate actually existed human races! Before the opening of the sky, there were also human races, otherwise, there would be no human races of ten thousand realms!”
“Now, in the entire ground gate, the lord of chaos dominates!”
He looked at King Wen: “I didn’t fight directly with the Lord of Chaos. My second one had a fight with him. Tell me, how
strong is
he ?” King Wen opened his mouth: “Very strong!” He quickly said: “If you are not strong, Back then, I would not give up a direct attack, but the 西安夜桑拿论坛 moment I entered the gate, I was sensed by him. In fact, I didn’t fight very much. I fought a few moves from a distance, and was repelled by him. According to my judgment, back then. He may be the power of 35 Dao or 36 Dao, the specifics are not clear. Because there is no real fight!” The
emperor said: “There is a high probability that the power of 36 Dao, I was guarding outside back then and felt the pressure, then The guy also felt my presence, so he would soon retreat! A little afraid that we joined forces, but it was not to the point of losing to us, so it should be 36!” The
king continued: “Now, the gate of the earth Among them,