the haunted house itself.

Several haunted house designers showed a clear expression, and Ma Feng looked at Zuo Han a few more times.
For a person who has never believed in the existence of ghosts, telling him that the haunted house is haunted, he will definitely think this is a prank.
“When you first came up, you said that there are haunted house actors among us, and then you said a lot of points to note, and finally you set off a horrible atmosphere. To be fair, you are quite competent as a haunted house employee.” Wei Chaochao, who is dressed in fashion, also spoke up. . 西安耍耍论坛
Several haunted house designers say something to me. The more they say they are more convinced that Zuo Han is an employee of the haunted house, and they cited many examples, which made Xiao Sun start to waver, wondering whether Zuo Han was sent by the boss to take care of him. of.
“I know that you are all capable, so I want to cooperate with you. Unfortunately, arrogance and jealousy cover your eyes. Now you can only see the illusion you have created, and you are not willing to think about the facts.” Zuo Han shakes He shook his head, and said to Heshan and Teacher Wang next to him: “I can’t count on others this time. The three of us must not be separated.”
Heshan and Teacher Wang both knew the seriousness of the matter and nodded.
Seeing the seriousness of the three visitors from the Hanjiang Forensic Medical College, Fu Bole 西安洗浴网 smiled again: “You can still act hard if you have all been dismantled. Aren’t you embarrassed?”
“This haunted house can think of such a way to set off. The atmosphere and the introduction and precautions are also quite novel and worthy of our study.” The big fat man Liang Erchao Fu Bole put his hands on: “Get ready to enter the scene, I am looking forward to the scare point inside.”
Although each has a ghost, these 15 people Still gathered together, they walked down the shabby street into the Haunting Scene.
The black iron gate behind him got farther and farther, and after turning a corne