nd, where there was a blood drop-shaped wound. “How did this wound appear?” Chen Ge just started thinking, his brain nerves seemed to be severely grabbed by a hand, and the heart-wrenching pain almost broke him. “Boom!” The door of the ward was once again Pushing away, Doctor Gao walked in alone with a document in his hand. When he saw Chen Ge had already sat up, his expression was a little surprised: “It seems that you are recovering well.” “Doctor Gao, my head is good.” It hurts.” Chen Ge was sitting beside the bed, his body still weak. “It’s not time to take the medicine. Come on, follow me, cross your hands on your chest, and take a deep breath.” Doctor Gao patiently instructed Chen Ge. After he calmed down, Doctor Gao moved to a chair and sat in a chair. Next to the bed: “Do you remember what happened last night?” “Last night?” “You suddenly fell ill last night. It seems that you had a serious hallucination. I called three nurses to control you.” Gao The doctor took out a mechanical watch from his pocket, he glanced at the time, and then placed the watch on the bedside table. The hands of a mechanical watch make a very faint sound when it moves, accompanied by a specific rhythm. “Let’s talk about it, just treat it as chatting with a friend. You don’t have to have any scruples. You can tell me what you think or see.” Doctor Gao smiled: “You only need to pay attention, that is, don’t lie. , Don’t say anything that goes against your heart.” “I can’t remember, all I know is that I entered a dark and gloomy hospital last night.” The memory in his mind has become fragmented, and Chen Ge lowered his head with an expression. pain. “What’s the name of the hospital? What did you see in the hospital? Are there anyone else around you present?” With the sound of the hands of the mechanical watch moving, Doctor Gao asked the next question. “That hospital seems to be also called Xinhai Central Hospital. I saw various words. The person who accompanied me in is Zhang Ya?” Chen Ge suddenly had a name in