to me, or is it simply a drag?

This guy, Su Yu can see, don’t talk to him about too many points, he is a typical egoist, it is good for him, he will not care whether you are a single or a polytheistic line.
“Single Shenwen one series!”
Su Yu chuckled lightly. In this series, there are quite a few similar to Liu Hong.
Also, the bigger the faction, the more troublesome it is.
It’s normal!
In 西安夜生活论坛 the past, when many divine writings were strong, such internal disputes were probably indispensable. Nowadays, there are only a few people, and there are more people, and there is intrigue everywhere.
Wen Tan Research Center.
I haven’t returned for a few days, and Su Yu doesn’t know whether Bai Feng is still in the research institute.
When I went back, I was probably not at home, and the living quarters were all gone.
Hong Tan probably wasn’t there either. Su Yu guessed that he might have gone to sort out the divine writings for Teacher Liu. Only Bai Feng and Hong Tan could do this job.
Su Yu doesn’t care either, so he won’t be here if he isn’t there.
Thinking of something, Su Yu suddenly remembered, wondering if Master and Teacher had fed a few big monsters.
He hasn’t been there for many days!
The master came back, and 西安夜桑拿网 there were so many things, plus the retreat practice, anyway, Su Yu hadn’t been feeding for almost 10 days.
Last time I went there, I still asked the water people for questioning. They gave the water people their vitality liquid, but the Zhuanshan cattle didn’t give it. After all, those people haven’t fed for a long time.
Su Yu still alive?” Su Yu suddenly thought about it. It’s time to go and see. Shizu might not even think of it. If he didn’t feed him, it would be bad if he starved to death.
Detention area.
The door was opened, Su Yu walked to the hall, Su Yu was very quiet, at this moment, lying on the ground, his huge face was full of horror.
When I saw that it was Su Yu, he breathed a sigh of relief.
Su Yu looked at it strangely, “Are you sti