ou charge and fight.”

However, Ren Xiaosu insisted: ” I will take you to live.”
Zhang Xiaoman wondered a little bit
wrongly, how could it make it look like Ren Xiaosu is the company commander? But now a new question is coming. Since everyone has wrong information about the troops stationed in this mountain range, the way forward is They couldn’t get through, but the task that Zhou Yinglong gave them was to blow up the bridge over the Beiwan River. This task has not yet been completed.
“Bring the map here, let’s figure out how we should detour to Beiwan River,” Zhang Xiaoman said: “We are only two hundred kilometers away from Beiwan River. We are close to you but can’t touch it. It’s really anxious.”
Ren Xiaosu suddenly asked:西安品茶网 “I’ve always been curious about one thing. It should have been done by the people from the reconnaissance camp. Why should we send us a sharp knife?”
Ren Xiaosu’s doubts were already in his mind. After being left for a long time, in his opinion, things like infiltration, raids, and bridge bombing should obviously be the work of the reconnaissance battalion, so how could it be done with sharp knives.
Even if Zhang Jinglin called him this coolie, he wouldn’t make such an unreasonable arrangement.
Zhang Xiaoman glanced at Ren Xiaosu and explained: “At this time, Commander Zhou’s forward battalion has separated from the forward base and headed northeast. He said that he was going to meet us through Shichuan Town, but the forward battalion was passing through. After Chuanzhen suddenly turned north, he planned to arrive at Qiangwan Mountain in three days and attack there forcibly.”
“Why is this?” Ren Xiaosu was puzzled. Qiangwan Mountain is not far from Beiwan River, where it is. Zong’s is a small military station, but the terrain is extremely difficult to capture.
This place can be regarded as a defensive support 西安夜桑拿论坛point near Beiwan River, and it is helping each other with Beiwan River.
“The forward battalion and the sharp knife company have always