e friends, and there is a high probability that a friend of a friend is a friend. In addition, this group of tenants nailed the doctor who cursed the hospital to the wall. The two sides must be enemies that are not shared, and the enemy’s enemies are likely to be friends. Chen Ge spoke very sincerely, but the people around him didn’t respond much after hearing what he said. “What I said is true.” Chen Ge wanted to explain, but was interrupted by the middle-aged man. “You are the same person as us? But who told you that we are human?” The child behind Chen Ge smiled very happily. He seemed to like to scare others and kept following behind Chen Ge. The tenants surrounded Chen Ge tighter and tighter. At this moment, a familiar sound suddenly came from the second floor corridor. Yin: “Calm down! He is not an enemy, he is your best friend.” The writer came to the third floor. He thought about it for a long time before using the word friend. In fact, he could not describe Chen Ge and the guests exactly. The relationship is like a colleague, like a friend, and like a family member. “Zhang Yu?” Seeing the writer coming, the tenants gave way, Lao Zhou also put down the saw in his hand: “Of all of us, you only have most of our memories. Do you know this man?” “He told me. My relationship is average, but I have had a few fate, but I can tell you with certainty that he is very important to you.” The writer walked up to Chen Ge and nodded with satisfaction: “I didn’t expect it. You will come over. If someone asks me to make such a choice, I would rather live in false beauty.” “Who are you? What does the name Zhang Yu mean? Why do I see tens of thousands of medical records in the hospital? The three words Zhang Yu are written on the list?” Chen Ge has countless questions in his mind: “Why are our memories passive, but you are the exception?” “It is not convenient to answer outside. I asked you to come here just to tell you. The truth.” The writer stood in the middle of the crowd. He raised his arm and pointed at e