peed has slowed down. Under the weaving of the avenue, there is already a feeling of close to the end. Once the portal is completely formed, it represents Su Yu’s success.

Not difficult!
The most difficult thing is to form a closed circle, but this time, for Su Yu, it is almost no difficulty. On the one hand, it is experienced, on the other hand, it is the power of 720 Dao, which was selected by Su Yu himself, and one more thing. , The power of 720 Dao is formed and weaving naturally through the power of 720 orifices.
In this way, the most difficult step for a sky opener is much easier when it comes to Su Yu.
The 西安夜桑拿网 speed is also much faster.
Otherwise, a person who opens the sky for the first time may still be weaving the avenue at this moment.
Su Yu suddenly smiled!
This is interesting!
For example, the last time he encountered the Eight Winged Tiger and Chaos Dragon, he encountered a crisis on the way to open the sky, but this time, he quickly opened the sky, and now he is close to it. At the end, none of the biting locusts over there came.
Time difference!
Su Yu suddenly laughed. Such a time difference is interesting. Otherwise, if he is still 西安耍耍网 weaving the avenue at the moment, the other party will come. For Su Yu, it is a fatal crisis!
And now that when the biting locust arrives, Su Yu probably succeeded in the promotion, and also succeeded in Kaitian!
“Time, really is the most valuable!” A
moment in the morning and a moment 西安洗浴网 later, that is a completely different result.
He thought of the Lord of the Necromancers. The Lord of the Necromancers is here to open the sky. He probably also has experience. The opening of the sky is successful. The fight is also a time difference. Before all the strong powers of the forbidden area appeared, he suddenly broke out and solved a forbidden landlord , Exploded the three forbidden areas, and then caused other people to be timid and failed to achieve integration.
This is probably also the reason why he opens the sky fast!
There was an