from the fight.

Laogui was worried that Hetu would be killed or captured, but there were two princes on Hetu’s side, both of whom were in 西安品茶网 harmony.
You 西安夜桑拿论坛 have to liberate the power of the old tortoise!
“Let Hetu come out?”
But He Tu may not have the opportunity to come out. He is different from Xingyue. He may have been entangled by the two Hou, so he came out so easily, he had already run out forcibly.
If you want to get Hetu out, you have to solve the two hous.
Think of it, and the shadow side of Su Yu fight the inferno, while acoustic asked: “The book Ling predecessors, your predecessors and tea, to get into the precincts Undead do?”
“Deathly Hallows bounded domain”?
Book touches Ling Knowing this, he quickly said: “You can go in, but the periphery of the necrosphere is okay. It is said that there are countless strong insiders, and they are all very strong.”
“They are two dead souls, two have a way. Repel them, or kill them at all?” If it
doesn’t work, let these two go to the Necrosphere Realm and kill the two princes.
Liberation of the old tortoise’s combat power can also suppress the turbulence in the necrosphere.
Let the guards quickly liberate their combat power.
Hetu Xingyue and the others, outside, have limited combat power.
In the realm of necromancers, 西安耍耍论坛 you can go to the realm next to them and entangle the necromancers that impact the passage, so that the guards can take away their weapons.
“What about here? Once there is a strong attack, I don’t think the strong here will be able to pull away.”
“It’s okay, then I will also escape into the realm of necromancy!”
Su Yu quickly said: “No one. Come out, I won’t act rashly!”
Shu Ling thought about it, this time they came out, on the one hand to relieve the human race, on the other hand, in fact, to protect Su Yu.
This is actually what the little white dog meant.
The little white dog is their core.
Protecting Su Yu, or protecting the time album, protecting the descendants of the little master, has little to