the barrage. He carried the camera and prepared to record the tourists in front of millions of people. On the real side, by the way, make a small publicity for your horror house.

With Lao Zhou and Duan Yue providing locations, Chen Ge quietly followed the group of tourists.
“Let’s be friends!” The
screams were getting closer and closer, not to mention the big ghosts and the little ghosts, even Lao Zhou and Duan Yue were a little panicked.
The teaching building is the largest sub-scene in the entire psychic ghost school. The corridors are intricate and there are no reference objects. It is very easy to get lost.
Under the leadership of Lao Zhou and Duan Yue, they have reached the deepest part of the teaching building, surrounded by passages, but there is no hope in every passage.
“What the hell is that?!”
“I don’t know!”
“This stamina is so good, right?”
Screaming constantly, and being able to chase behind at a speed of 100 meters, the few tourists thought about it more and more. Afraid.
“It’s no way to drag on like this! Since he wants to find friends, maybe we promised him, he will leave!” The ghost girl really 西安足浴spa couldn’t run, and she was so tired that she was about to vomit bile. She didn’t expect it before she came. Visiting the haunted house would be so exhausting.
“Try it. I once heard a similar strange story. An isolated student had an accident in the classroom. He would go back to school every time the Ghost Festival came. Only after he found a friend would he leave with peace of mind.” Lao Zhou and Duan Yue ran in the forefront, and the two of them looked out of breath. Lao Zhou occasionally retched a few times, holding his chest with one hand, it seemed that he really couldn’t hold it anymore.
“Okay! Then let’s try! When the ghost student asks, I count down three times, and we answer at the same time—I am willing to be your friend!” Bai Bugui’s leadership ability is much better than Liu Zai’s, he has already Become the backbone 西安夜生活论坛 of this small team.
“No problem!”