will continue to master everything that was cultivated in the long river of time, and on the other hand, she will master your way of life and death alone. It is not under your control!”

Xingyue’s state is even more special than Hetu’s. She is truly dead, but her patron, the emperor, once came here to integrate her origins directly into the two avenues with mixed life and death!
One way of life, one way of death!
Therefore, what the Avenue of the Necropolis 西安桑拿夜网 leads to is actually incomplete, just a small part of its origin.
Su Yu had to sigh, he is a cow with a background.
Look, people are dead, can they be all taken in, can survive, recover, and return directly to the long river of time, and other people will not have this treatment!
At this moment, Xingyue condensed her eyebrows: “What do you mean?” The
giant smiled faintly: ” I’m afraid this little fellow Taoist wants to conceal something , I don’t mind saying a few more words”
He didn’t finish, Su Yu said directly: ” Yes What’s so concealed, speechless, naive! It’s that you live, you will master the life and death in my world, your memory is only one percent, once revived, the memory of the dead, the memory of me, is probably like The kind of peeing and having a face-to-face meeting with a urinary friend, understand?”
A group of people are dull, what is this analogy for you and him?
Su Yu laughed and said, “What am I doing? That’s the truth. I peeed. I met someone 西安耍耍论坛 who came to pee together. I saw him. Who knows who he is? See you next time. Will you recognize him? ? ” ” that’s
hard to say! ”
Hetu thoughtfully, nodded, all will look strange to Hetu, your words, meaningful ah!
At this juncture, everyone was almost amused by these two.
Xingyue frowned and looked at Su Yu coldly: “That is to say, I will forget you?”
“Probably not, but maybe a stranger!”
Su Yu smiled and said, “Okay, it was originally. It’s not an acquaintance. You came to convert me back then. I later used you to get the Xingyu Seal and Dadao Map with the