tory of your Protoss?”

Daxia King Sword Light Reappears!
At the same time, in the city, one after another invincible necromancers emerged, and the necromancers directly laughed frantically: “Hahaha, kill! Kill these invaders! Have fun! Hahaha, the 西安夜桑拿论坛 Great Summer King of the Daxia King Human Race, thank you! ”
Finally there is a chance!
At this moment, there was chaos in the city, booming!
The violent fluctuations tore through the entire sky, and time flew by. At this moment, more than a dozen invincibles broke out in the ancient city in an instant, breaking everything, and the entire ancient city seemed to have entered another space.
A large number of ancient houses shattered and quickly recovered.
The creatures hiding in the ancient houses, with poor luck, are directly destroyed. Whether they are residents or creatures, they will end up the same. The more outside, the easier it is to break the ancient house, while the inner enclosure is much stronger.
At this moment, a large number of strong men broke out from the city lord’s mansion in all directions.
Everyone is at a loss!西安洗浴网
How could it be so serious that invincible entered the city?
Not just one or two, but a lot!
Earth Spirit!” At this moment, on the Five Elements Tribe’s side, the Earth Spirit was invincible, and its voice oscillated everywhere, sweeping all the ancient houses. The sound seemed to 西安耍耍网come from the endless void, oscillating everywhere, and the entire ancient city was lifted by him.
Soon, an invincible necromancer came to kill, and the two sides broke out in an instant battle, from the ancient city space into an unknown space, and soon, again, a large number of ancient houses, ancient houses that could not be broken by the sun and the moon, were instantly shattered.
Everyone in the house died instantly.
There is more than one scene like this.
And the army of necromancers has slowed down the entire ancient city.
It crashed in one and a half months, and some sun and moon