The immortal king’s flesh exploded, and all three of them fell.
“Blue sky!”
Lunar Eclipse Immortal King roared, and at this moment, they were not far away.
There are still some avatars in the blue sky, smiling gloomily: “Invincible is easy to kill!”
A 西安桑拿按摩网 group of Invincible scolded!
Easy to kill?
This unlucky person was battered by a necroman for two lives, severely injured in his third life, and was attacked by your bastard. You killed him. You have
no time to say anything. At this moment, even in Xingyu Mansion. A large number of blood clouds appeared.
Spread to the outside!
Spread to the heavens!
On the top of the blue sky, a cloud suddenly appeared. The next moment, six or seven invincible people appeared in this place instantly, a demon king was extremely cold and fierce, and smashed it down with an axe!
Heaven and earth rewards!
This means that this clone may be the main body of Lantian.
Lantian killed an invincible, and naturally there are rewards, he is not a dead soul.
Lantian yelled bitterly. I finally got some rewards. It was not easy. He shouted, “Su 西安足浴spa Yu, what are you doing?”
Several invincibles turned their heads instantly.
Most people can ignore it.
Su Yu must be taken care of!
Looking back, there is no fart.
The demon king doesn’t care about this at all, the axe has already been smashed into the blue sky. This axe is extremely powerful. The evil thing, the blue 西安桑拿夜网 sky, must be killed. He is as evil as Su Yu!
“It’s really sad!”
Lantian looked helpless, banged, and was chopped into pieces by an axe. All the avatars around disappeared instantly, as if dead.
However, the demon king soon shouted: “He’s not dead!” It’s
dead, there is a vision!
At this moment, another blue sky came out from a distant place. Soon, blue sky appeared one by one, but the breath was weaker, and the blue sky looked sad, “It’s over, one of my main bodies was killed by you, it’s over! My strength has declined!”
His strength has declined, and it was indeed one o