itted his teeth in his heart, saying that you, fat man, don’t know if you have to go to the holy mountain, but I want to see if you can come out alive after you get in.

It just so happens that if Fatty Luo is killed by the Tinder company, then let Qingzhen find the Tinder company to retaliate, which can be regarded as helping Anjing Temple solve an old enemy!
When everyone was packing their things, no one noticed that a young man stooped down and carved a circle quietly on a tree beside him.
This is the young man who asked Ren Xiaosu what he was best at before, and it was also Wang Yun, who is expected to take over the entire 西安洗浴网 intelligence system in Kong’s current situation.
After witnessing the death of his boss Kong Erdong, Wang Yun led the task and left the Kong clan, allowing the other two competitors to compete for the position of the head of the intelligence system, as if he was out of the picture.
When the two opponents saw him leaving Kong at this time, they were all very happy. They even sent him a lot of manpower and saw him off in person, wishing him success in the holy mountain.
When he left, Wang Yun sneered inwardly. Kong Donghai, the master of the Kong family, is not a fool. The position of the head of the intelligence system will definitely not be fixed so quickly. Kong Donghai will observe for at least three months. time.
When the time comes, I will return to Kong with a huge amount of credit, I am afraid that my two competitors will be too late to cry.
After Wang Yun carved the circle, he followed the team casually. After the group of more than sixty people left for a while, Lao Xu, wearing a white 西安夜桑拿论坛 mask, suddenly came to the place where Wang Yun engraved.
Wang Yun was originally Ren Xiaosu’s key observation object. He was actually packing up things before, but in fact, his attention had always been on Wang Yun and the others.
Ren Xiaosu released Lao Xu. Originally, he wanted to find the uninvited guest that night outside the camp, but now he just happened to check