that of humans, causing the whole face to look bulging forward, which was very uncoordinated.

Quietly looking at the face on the second floor, Chen Ge’s heartbeat started to speed up when he saw it, but after only two or three seconds, he returned to normal.
Raising his arm, Chen Ge also smiled at that face: “Stay there and don’t move, I’ll go find you.” There
is clearly a person in the attic, but Chen Ge can’t feel anything from him. The breath that a living person should have.
“The town of Liwan is so big, if you go to see every building, time is a bit tight.” Chen Ge entered the second-story building, and when the doctors and the others were about to follow up, he waved his hand: “Just stay outside. “It’s better for
everyone 西安耍耍网 to go in together. At this time, don’t do anything!” The drunk knew how powerful the monster was, and was a little worried about Chen Ge.
“It’s okay, but the space in the house is narrow. Don’t get too close to me. I’m worried about hurting you.” The drunkard said inadvertently, making Chen Ge feel that he is a good person and deserves more attention, and strive to keep him alive. Take it out.
“Understand, we will definitely not cause you trouble.” The drunk glanced at Chen Ge’s Skull Smasher, and sighed in his heart. This guy is really a desperate fool.
Several passengers all entered the house and walked on the narrow corridor. They were about to go to the second floor when a wind bell suddenly rang in their ears, and the door that had been half open closed by itself.
“Suck!” The drunkard and the doctor looked behind them at the same time, and their retreat was blocked.
A few people stopped in place, and the scissor’s face was not very good. He said in a gloomy tone: “This is the most classic scene in a horror movie. The door is closed by itself, which often indicates 西安桑拿按摩网 that the ghost is coming. It may be in us. Around.”
“I said not to be so impulsive!” The drunk was a little panicked: “Would you like to find a room to hide first. We are crowded, so ghos