ng Zhai Feng gave him was not enough, it was a little too close.

He looked at Zhai Feng and then at Su Yu. After a long while, he said, “Yes, Zhai Feng, come here, the teacher has something to say to you.” He
waved towards Zhai Feng, and Zhai Feng walked over.
All the way out of the crowd, come a long way, Zhou Ping liter eyes changes, some Routeng, suddenly took out a box from her, “Here, now with Dan, on the ring, into the vacated, kill him!”
Not on In the arena, you can’t fight for sex in the air!
Zhai Feng was a little unwilling, he wanted to cultivate his temper and kill Su Yu.
Zhou Pingsheng shouted: “Let go of your poor self-esteem! He is the strongest cultivator, and now he has entered Wanshi, his explosive power is not even worse than the sky, you and him, the possibility of failure is as high as 80%! Willpower! Realize, the divine text advances, you can kill him!”
Then, he took out a box, “This Aperture Destruction Pill, don’t use it as a last resort. It destroys the Acupuncture Acupoint, and explodes all the power of the Acupuncture Acupoint at once. The civilized division doesn’t care much about the physical body, but if it doesn’t explode, it won’t explode!”
“This is a mysterious soldier. It can be used in the air. It has no attributes. It doesn’t match you too much, but it doesn’t reject you. Your literary and military is strong!”
Zhou Pingsheng took out a lot of things, and he also lost his money.
As long as Zhai Feng advances to the air, his combat power will not be too weak.
Anyhow, he is also a genius student!
It’s not comparable to those civilians flying out!
Even if Su Yu could kill the air outside, he would be invincible when he encountered Zhai Feng.
Zhai Feng gritted his teeth and took these things.
The civilian soldiers are in the sea of ??will, and they can’t be used at the moment, but they can be used naturally when they are in the air.
Zhou Pingsheng glanced at Su Yu, but he was still a little uneasy. After thinkin