didn’t think the Lord of Time was dead.

Su Yu thought about things, and soon his eyes moved slightly.
The next moment, the probe grabbed a boot, and he grabbed a boot from the void. It was the fat ball boots that flowed down the river, flowing into Su Yu’s world along the long river of time.
Su Yu grabbed the boots and felt them, very powerful boots.
At the beginning of the Fat Ball Heavenly King Realm, using this, you can become a Tianzun. Even now, the Fat Ball can be much stronger with Wenwang’s boots.
Su Yu probed carefully and raised his eyebrows slightly, not feeling anything.
In this way, the world of King Wen, if it is really there, is not in this shoe.
But Tongtian, at this moment, could not hold back again: “Your Majesty, are King Wen’s shoes very fragrant?”
What do you smell?
He suspected that Su Yu had any special hobbies, so he was able to handle that shoe and smelled it. He knew it, it seemed to be Wang Wen’s shoe.
Su Yu looked at him, frowned slightly, and quickly laughed: “It’s interesting! Tongtian, since you swallowed the Martial Emperor’s Tianmen, you seem to have returned to your nature again. Do you think that your strength is strong and I am not afraid of me giving you Hit the door bolt?”
This is a fine door, in fact, it hasn’t been used for a long time!
Last time I was frightened by Su Yu for a while, and I have been very obedient, but today, it seems to be a bit of a leverage.
All over the sky said, “Your Majesty was joking, how can it be! I just said that!”
Su Yu glanced at him and said meaningfully: “Don’t float, although you are in the fourth class, you may even feel like you are almost the third class. Don’t say that you have to take advantage of your speed of progress. It is the three-sect deity. Whenever it recovers, it may not catch up with me. Understand?”
Tongtian suddenly said, dare not say any more.
Su Yu just banged, and then looked at the boots in his hands, thinking about how to find another boot!
Where is the othe