, and at the other end was Professor Eva who was working. In her surprised eyes, Tang Qi stepped into it with her unsealed secret letter.

I handed over the list and the intense pre-war preparations to Eva, who had just been promoted to the professional-level White Witch, and would be the leader of this action.
Have all rights to connect with the Castle Bureau.
In a school as big as hers, she really couldn’t find a more suitable candidate than her.
Tang Qi regarded this action as the beginning of the school getting rid of the “Principal’s Dependence” and the beginning of its formal maturity, so he didn’t plan to intervene, but just left a little bit of his hand to hide and secretly take care of it.
He himself has other actions.
Since receiving the secret letter, Tang Qi has always felt a little uneasy for some reason.
A strange hunch for no reason, but past experience tells Tang Qi that intuition is sometimes the best evidence.
“Fear comes from the unknown!”
Silently uttered a word, Tang Qi cut through the void, and on the other end was the familiar William Castle.
The Melada Special Education School is not qualified to participate in the big action.
But Tang Qi, as the No. 19 seed, candidate for the top ten in Mihuang City, he was fully qualified.
But just as he was about to set off, suddenly a wave came from his mind.
The probe hand was a little bit in the void, but seeing the gleaming light, the scene of the outer space appeared.
Someone is initiating a request to enter the secret realm of Huxin Island.
Two figures stood in the magic circle at this time.
One of them was very petite, and looked like a ten-year-old girl, her face was faintly anxious.
“Selma, isn’t it going to be reported tomorrow?”
frowned, Tang Qi’s figure slowly sank into the void, and when he reappeared, he was already standing in Selma, and the one who had a relationship with him, from In front of the elven female archer of the Moore family.
Chapter 411 Angel’s Blood
“Selma, Ms. Eyft.”
Tang Qi a