oars and asked the three little guys to alert, while he took a short rest.

In my mind, the last picture emerged.
But it is a few of them, the “monarch octopus” that descended by projection, their colors are different, some seem to crawl out of magma, the whole body is fiery red, and the lava is flowing, and some are black, like mud, but Without exception, they all released extremely terrifying divine breath.
And, they all brought gifts.
“Unfortunately, I can’t afford the price of the party.”
Tang Qi felt pain again and shook his head helplessly.
On the surface, these stupid “big octopuses” are both chaotic and kind.
Even the “Knowledge Hunter” full of ordinary humans, after being entangled by them, there were no casualties in a short period of time.
But in reality, that is just appearance.
To get along with a divine creature with a huge origin like the “Monarch Octopus”, for most transcendents, carelessness is a disaster.
Not responding, it’s just the first condition to keep one’s life.
“According to the information provided by Rose, there are a lot of examples in the Dark Age. Some transcendents think that big octopuses are stupid and cute, and they deliberately make friends with them, or use these transcendents with malicious intent. They have all remembered the point of not responding. , But subsequent incidents confirmed that they are all looking for death.”
“The big octopuses are indeed enthusiastic and stupid, but once they play for too long, they will forget to suppress the pollution, and the pollution released from the body of a single “monarch octopus”, Enough to make the’Legendary’ powerhouse go crazy in a few minutes.”
“And in the process of playing, what they think, a’friendly’ hug, a’passionate’ handshake, for many extraordinary people, but It is a fatal attack that cannot be avoided.”
“In addition, they treat good friends who are in’crazy’ in the same way, that is, store them as food or give them to the next good friend as a gift.”
“It’s just a single monarch octopus, an