the Jifu team in just one month. Every time the Jifu team was sparring, the Jifu team was miserably abused. .

Half of this credit is due to Yu Luosheng’s indoctrination and command of tactics.
LPL is still one month away. Now LOL and DOTA are different. There are a lot of game resources that can be searched. LM hopes to use this month for Yu Luosheng to give them a tactical crash course.
Waijiaquan is very OK, but the inner strength can be cultivated to which level in this month, it depends on their LM’s hard work and comprehension!
Yu Luosheng found all kinds of excuses, and even let Teacher Fang, who was in a good relationship, help tell a lie before finally getting out of the house.
Yu Luosheng still lives on campus, and Yu Yu is very good at giving her dormitory apartment at the school to Yu Luosheng.
When he arrived in Shanghai, Li Meiqi enthusiastically lent the notebook to Yu Luosheng. Yu Luosheng would not do anything for the next five days, but was locked in Yu Yu’s student apartment to watch the game video!
A month before the game, professional players from other teams also entered training.
The engagements have become very frequent. Unfortunately, even if the LPL teams are hired, neither side will show their true strength, and they obviously retain each other’s eyes.
And those who really want to fight, don’t know the reason, always don’t want to deal with their LM team, it is incredible.
“The dog day must belong to the Long Sky Club. They are isolating us, so we can’t even make an appointment!” Da Luo said angrily.
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blockade As soon as Daluo finished cursing, Lin Dong returned from the outside with a calm face.
As soon as they saw Lin Dong’s face, everyone knew something had happened.
“Didn’t we agree?” Zhou Yan asked.
There were no appointments for a few days, everyone went to qualify for practice by themselves, and Lin Dong also went to meet with the team leader Xixi.
While chatting, Lin Dong also asked about the spon