If he is not a furnace wizard, does not have the power to cheat, and is replaced by another demigod, it will be difficult for him to feel a bit of hatred towards Neva.

“Mixed race, it’s really good-looking.” With a
sigh, Tang Qi suddenly turned around and let out a clear chuckle.
While breaking the atmosphere in the courtroom, Tang Qi went directly to the “dissident stone statue”.
At this time, he still didn’t know all the rules of the justice court, it was really difficult, because the “Justice Code” is an extremely long and cumbersome book.
And it is very fatal that it is impossible to use some tricks to get all the insights.
To learn the code, you need to learn one regulation by regulation.
Even Rose Madeleine still has a little understanding of the code, and it is difficult to find loopholes in it to save Digneola in a short time.
However, Tang Qi has already seen that among the 18 “judges” of the Justice Court, the authority of the dissident stone statue seems to be higher than that of other judges.
This even includes the Chief Justice Titan.
He confirmed this when he stood in front of the table and looked at the stone statue.
The dissident stone statue does not seem big from a distance, but it is larger than the adult Titan Kudokus. It is a huge ape with powerful hands supporting its head, and it seems to be looking into the distance.
On the gray face, there was only a triangle symbol.
With a hint of caution, Tang Qi casts all things well.
【Extraordinary creatures: Stone statues of dissidents. 】
【Status: Normal. 】
【Information Fragment 1: It is a special creation, a terrorist weapon shaped by an extinct high-level civilization, it has destroyed nearly a hundred races, then damaged, transformed and given life by the god of dissidents. ]
[Information Fragment Two: Its attributes have changed from destruction to salvation. Any existence that is judged by the court, whether it is a single creature, an entire race, or even a complete civilization, is likely to receive it